Green salade with piece of pork and eggs 12.00 €
Starter of the chief 13.00 €
Eggs in red wine sauce 12.00 €
Mushroom and snails in a butter sauce with a touch of garlic 13.00 €
Warm goat cheese salad with bacon 14.00 €
Fricassee of snails and mushroom with cream sauce and garlic butter 16.00 €
A dozen snails in a garlic butter 15.00 €
Home made duck foie gras 16.00 €
The gourmets salde with foie gras 17.00 €

Lyon specialities

Calf’s head and tongue Ravigotte sauce 16.00 €
Crayfish flavoured pike like in Lyon 17.00 €
Tripe with oignons sauce 17.00 €
Tripe with tartare sauce 17.00 €
Chitterlings sausage with wine sauce 17.00 €
Warm sausage with buttered potatoes 15.00 €
Veal kidneys sauteed and mustard cream sauce 17.00 €
Dish of the chief 15.00 €
Veal liver with cider vinegar 15.00 €


Grilled rib steak of beef (300 g) 21.00 €


Pot of fish in the coulis of scampi 15.00 €
Pan fry scallop whith garlic sauce 21.00 €


A plate of three French cheeses 7.00 €
Cream cheese with garlic and herbs 7.00 €

7€'s Dessert

Gourmet desserts prepared by the chef Profiteroles filled with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce Apples and pears crumble with vanilla ice cream Island eggs with custard cream Nougat Ice cream with a raspberry coulis Vanilla bean caramelized creme brulee Slice of bread frying in butter Apple upside-down cake with vanilla ice cream
Ice cream Meringue with vanilla ice cream and blackcurrant sorbet Vanilla ice cream with fruits and whipped cream Vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate and whipped cream Coffee ice cream with caramel and whipped cream Lime sorbet with vodka Lime sorbet with Marc de Bourgogne Blackcurrant sorbet with blackcurrant sauce Sorbet or ice cream